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Rent Apartment in Hong Kong

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Navigating the rental market in any big city are often a daunting task. As a foreigner, finding an apartment in Hong Kong compounds those difficulties with the added stress of differing legal systems, customs, and language barriers. Whether you are a primary time Hong Kong renter or a seasoned pro, here are some elements to believe before you head bent plan to find your perfect home.

Finding an Apartment

When finding apartments for rent hong kong, personal networks or land agents are reliable avenues of knowledge . All options have advantages and disadvantages , which we outline below.

Real Estate Agents

The clear advantage of working with a real realtor is that the choice of getting a well known face walk you thru the rental process. However, when working with a real realtor , remember that they are paid on commission and are motivated to sign renters as quickly as possible. so on protect yourself from exploitation, seek an independent translation of the contract to completely understand the rental terms. Only the Chinese contract is legally binding, so English translations provided by landlords aren’t reliable safeguards for renters.

Payment for the agency fee depends on your budget. generally , for rent of HKD 6,000 per month or less, the renter are getting to be responsible for paying the agency fee. If you’re interested by employing a land agent, our classifieds (theHong Konger.com/classifieds), Sublet.com, Scout land (Hong Kongrelocation.com), 58.com, Danke Gongyu (dankegongyu.com), Ziroom, Wo Ai Wo Jia (bj.5i5j.com), and Lianjia are good avenues to explore.

No land Agent

For sublets and short stays not involving a real realtor , Wellcee.com and Airbnb.com are your best options.

WeChat Groups

For those already located in Hong Kong , ask to be added to all or any or any rental and housing groups. There are several which supply informal avenues to rent without the added expense of agencies’ fees. For those with limited Mandarin skills, using primarily expat-based networks could be a more inviting alternative.

Looking at Apartments

When scouting wan chai studio apartment, look closely at common areas and hallways to form sure cleanliness. Ideally, you need to have a convenient space for hanging laundry also as personal storage. Check bathrooms also for decent water and to form sure proper maintenance. In many large apartment blocks, cockroaches within the summer months could even be inevitable, but ask about building treatment services and remember that lower floors are at greater risk of infestation.

Contract Negotiations

When negotiating the rental contract, terms and deposits should be carefully considered. Rental agreements are highly variable and should be subject to negotiation. to urge a general idea of what to expect, see a sample rental agreement for an apartment in Hong Kong within the QR code below. Most contracts are structured in favor of the owner , leaving unsuspecting expats few options when faced with unfair prices or disputes with building management. Remember to verify that the building is registered as a rental property. If your landlord has not registered it intrinsically you still could even be on the hook for fines and legal trouble. To avoid trouble later, never send a landlord rent without meeting them face to face and confirm the keys are in good working order.

Most apartments would require a deposit of the equivalent of 1 to 2 months’ rent. Some may provide a choice between paying three months’ rent and a month’s worth of deposit or paying one month’s rent and two months’ deposit. Experts advise going for the three-month option for slightly better protection against persnickety landlords. no matter the quantity , the deposit should be returned once you progress out.

Moving In

Upon occupation , you will probably got to provide your passport and visa to register with the local peace bureau. Your landlord will likely need to accompany you with their card when first signing the contract but following initial registration, you’ll simply re-register when re-entering the country. Unless you’re subleasing from a roommate, you’ll need to show your visa when signing a rental contract.

Generally, you will need to shop for electricity, water, gas, cable, and internet. Prices supported seasonal fluctuations but should total within the HKD 400 per month range. Some buildings may require an extra monthly maintenance fee of HKD 200 or less per month, which can be paid either by the renter or the owner . the owner and building management should be responsible for appliance repair and fixture maintenance. Confirm who is responsible for what repairs before signing the contract. When possible, add extra provisions if anything vital isn’t covered.

You will likely either need to pay rent in cash or via a Bank account transfer. within the off chance you’ll use a faraway bank account , you will be able to pay rent online or through an instantaneous bank transfer.

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