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Common Gems Or Diamonds Which Usually Used of Rings

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Most girls should still like jewelry and jade, and if they want to see more real objects and price analysis, then share it~ of course, i am not a ring seller, so i can only put the rings i have in my hand. I hope i can a little inspiration for the soon-to-be-weds. In addition, if a girl who does not plan to get married wants to buy a ring as a gift for herself in the new year, it is completely ok. Who said that a ring must be given by someone else?


Popular Jewelry And Jade Prices



Although the story of de beers’ control of the global diamond market is full of black material and can’t be told for three days and three nights… But for those who like diamonds, precisely because the global pricing power is in the hands of de beers, so the price of diamonds the most transparent, and the certificate is relatively simple, mainly recognize GIA (it does not rule out that some brands do not need GIA certificate, such as tiffany). The choice is basically how much money to do, and it is difficult to go wrong (unless you must not go through formal purchase channels).

You will receive a large white book with invoices, identification (you can give certain pricing credentials in the case of auction) and GIA certificates.

Another benefit of diamonds is that they are really versatile (of course we are not talking about colored diamonds here). A big transparent rock candy is suitable for whoever wears it, and it really shines. Every time i look at my own diamond ring, i feel as if i saw wujo teacher’s eyes so amazing lol

This fire is really not p’s, it’s more flashy to the naked eye.

Another advantage of diamonds is that they are hard enough. It doesn’t mean that it is harder than gold. You know i am not a person with this way of thinking. The mohs hardness coefficient of diamond is 10. What does it mean? Ordinary earth materials can’t hurt it at all.

Diamonds are not like some gems that wear out for a long time. If they are old jewelry, the diamonds will look much newer and always brighter. This is an indicator that caibao and jade can’t reach. Therefore, diamond rings are not the only choice, but diamonds can be red, in addition to the advertising amplification effect, it is still a bit of a foundation.

When buying a diamond, look at the 4cs: cut, color, clarity, and carat. However, for diamonds over 1 carat, in fact, the top 3cs are the most important, and the top 3cs are the most important. The reason is very simple. I have also written in the caibao chapter before. From a rough stone (right) to a gem (left), in addition to the foundation, the transformation mainly depends on cutting.

Another common question is, is it okay to buy artificially synthesized ones? Of course. It is difficult to distinguish high-quality artificial diamonds from natural diamonds with the naked eye. De beers hastily developed an identification device and bribed the gem grading agency to add “synthetic” in front of artificial diamonds to stabilize the price of natural diamonds. But de beers itself sells synthetic diamonds. What kind of behavior is that? This is a risk hedging behavior. Doesn’t that mean that artificial diamonds can be bought?

However, it is not easy to synthesize high-quality artificial diamonds of more than 1 carat, so although the price is much lower than that of natural diamonds of the same grade (almost 1 natural diamond can buy 16 artificial diamonds), it is not a super cabbage. It’s time to ask for a certificate. Take, for example, the price of a 1-carat loose diamond, a sub-brand of de beers that specializes in artificial diamonds:

Pay attention to the 4c data in the red box, this is the best artificial drill. 2 carats can be bought at this price with slightly lower parameters. If you don’t care about whether it’s natural or not, beauty is over, you can naturally consider artificial diamonds, and you can buy bigger and brighter ones with a lower budget, why not?

So some people must ask, don’t natural diamonds preserve their value more than artificial diamonds? All i can say is, yes and no. The production of natural diamonds is huge. If there is no artificial control by de beers, natural diamonds are not necessarily more expensive than artificial ones. But as long as de beers doesn’t fall, in the market, it must be natural diamonds that preserve their value and have stronger hard currency properties. Otherwise, why would drug offenders trade with natural diamonds? Why not trade in artificial diamonds? Have you thought about it?

In terms of price, i can only give a budget reference, and the exact price must be determined according to the specific gem. Generally, if you want to buy a 1-1.2 carat, 3c top-level loose diamond in china, you have to prepare a budget of 80,000 to 100,000 (the domestic custom metalwork fee is very low, almost negligible). Branded diamond rings must have a premium price. Take mine as an example, starting at $22,000 for 1 carat:

Later, i will talk to you about whether to choose a brand or buy a loose stone for customization.



Let’s take pigeon blood red as an example. The price of a good quality 1-carat loose stone is around 20,000, but 2-carat is about 60,000, and 3-carat is 100,000+ (generally the default is mozambique, myanmar is the sky-high price, no said). The pigeon blood red i bought myself is just under 1 carat, which is much cheaper, about 10,000. As a ladies wedding ring is indeed a bit small, so what i do is a tail ring.

This style is not very difficult to make, and the pictures you need are here~ from 1,000 yuan to 1,000,000, what real jewelry and jade can be purchased? (how to choose sapphire, ruby and emerald) i have described in detail how i designed and how i discussed the production points with the master, you can review it.

For a gemstone over 1 carat, a ring finger wedding ring will work well. This style is very comfortable to wear on a daily basis without being too high-profile.

In terms of emeralds, zambia can almost refer to rubies from mozambique, while the top oil-free parsnips from colombia are basically the same price as diamonds. (*this article is about the quality that does not need to tolerate flaws. The flawed ones will be much cheaper depending on the specific problem.)

The relative price of sapphire is slightly lower. My grs certificate is a very good vitreous royal blue of 2 carats, which is less than 30,000, and it is just 30,000 including the metalwork fee (but it has risen a little now, and the price may lag a little).

Of course, there are still many choices for colored gemstones, especially some neon upstart treasures, such as paraiba, padparadscha, jedi knights, etc. At first glance, it may seem quite asian, but the more you look at it, the more beautiful it is~ caibao’s the hardness is lower than that of diamonds. After wearing for a long time, the surface will be a little hairy or wear marks, which is very common in antique jewelry. But caibao has more colors, no matter what skin color you can find a color that suits you, it will be a magical bonus when you wear it.



You must go to the physical store to try which color treasure is suitable for you, don’t buy blindly. For example, i always thought that i would look best wearing emeralds, but in fact, red and blue treasures are more suitable.



It is not a popular choice for wedding rings, because generally there are cultured pearls on the market. The pearl quality is actually the skin on the surface, which is not wear-resistant and easy to oxidize. Expect. But i used to be in 1000 yuan to 10000 yuan, which real jewelry and jade can i buy? (pearl article) this article also wrote that there are two types of pearls that are exceptions: 1. Natural wild sea pearls; 2. Keshi shaped beads. If you can buy them, these two can stand up to time, because it is pearly from the inside to the outside, and if the surface is worn out, ask a professional to polish it, and it will still shine.

My antique wild sea pearl ring (pictured above) is more than 100 years old, and it is still very bright. It looks like a small light bulb to the naked eye in a dark place.



It is defined as half-jewelry/half-jade. Personally, i think the advantage is that it has both the treasures exposed by western-style colored treasures, and the oriental heritage. Some are very immortal, and some are rich and powerful. To some extent, they are both beautiful. . Although it is not as rich as the caibao family in terms of color, there are red jade, yellow jade, ink jade, blue and green.

However, as the main stone of a wedding ring, it also has certain practical difficulties. For example, high-quality jadeite egg noodles are mostly green, and other colors are not common. If you happen to be unsuitable for green, the choice of color is actually not that big. In addition, the water of jadeite is very deep. If you can’t understand it, then a certificate is useless. It is best to find a friend who understands to help you.

There is also design. The hardness of jadeite is still a little lower than that of gemstones. Many big manufacturers cannot support too many styles of jadeite cutting, carving and ring design, so there are still those old styles on the market. These two pieces of mine were hand-made by friends. They are simple but special. I really like them very much. There have been 180 appearances, and readers should be familiar with them.

There is really no way to give a range for the price of jadeite. For egg noodles that look the same on the internet, the price can be ten times different. If you can take two steps back for growing water and color, the price is actually okay. But if you want to buy a colorless high-ice egg noodles worthy of collection, then at least 20,000 should be prepared.

Yes, this is also jadeite. Afraid that the green will be old-fashioned, the fairy is very suitable for this kind of high ice egg noodles.

Full green or sky blue, ranging from big five to small six. Of course, the egg noodles at this price will not be very small, take the card 10 (1x1cm) as a reference. My country does not produce high-quality jadeite. In addition to the epidemic in the past two years, the rough stone has become a lot more expensive. Everyone understands the truth of rising tides. It is not a good time to play jade now, but domestic hetian jade can still get on the bus.


Hetian jade

When I wrote the article on Hetian Yu in August last year, I wrote: The best way to get started is to buy a small seed and understand it first. If you don’t want to play, take this small seed to enclose a ring. If you get a few more small seeds one after another in the future, you can make a bunch of them. If you remove the gold coating of the ring, the small seeds can still be bunched together, which is not wasted at all.

Real seeds, fake seeds, post-coloring, fake skin, with repair, without repair, the structure of the seed material should be understood first.

I have a simple 18k gold bezel-set seed ring myself. If you like it, you can match it with a jade ring for your partner. It is also very normcore and can be matched with a minimalist wardrobe.

A reader also provided an angle. She herself is allergic to any metal, so wearing a jade ring is no problem. I personally also think that the Hetian jade ring is pure and simple, comfortable to wear, and can be made into wedding rings by both men and women, which is an idea. Girls can make a white jade, and boys can make a black jade. It’s beautiful to think about~

If you are not allergic to gold and silver, and you are afraid of breaking it, a bezel ring is safe. I saw a boy wearing a silver ring wrapped in floating ink and Tianyu, dressed in black, fashionable and individual. But I can’t find this picture, you can synthesize it in your mind.

It is the silver ring on Fei Douna’s hand above, which is replaced with the following ink pattern and Tianyu:

It is too cheap to use Hetian jade to make a ring. The quality of my unrepaired raw seed is very good, and it is only in the early 4000s (of course, it is cheaper because I bought it early, and it is estimated that it is about 6000 if I buy it now). The ring face is too large, and the gold wrapping will be slightly more, but the total metalworking fee is only more than 3,000, and the whole finished product is only 10,000.

Most jade shops have their own metalworking masters. I don’t use any special bezel-setting craftsmanship. It can be said that it is a common model in the jade jewelry industry, and every master will do it.

But the natural Hetian jade seed material itself is formed after hundreds of millions of years of river erosion, and each shape is unique. Looking at the past, each face has a different streamlined shape, which is very soulful.

The price per gram of raw seeds and jade rings will be slightly higher, but even if you choose one of each, and put together a pair of wedding rings, a budget of 25,000 will be loose. Compared with the previous diamond rings that often cost 80,000-100,000/piece, do you think it must be of a lower grade? I don’t think so at all. The flaky seeds will be much cheaper. Assuming you can accept mountain, Russian or even Qinghai materials, you may be able to get a pair of rings for 5,000.

Frugality is up to people, and I will try to provide as many options as possible, so that everyone has a choice. But if you have just formed a family and do not have sufficient material foundation for the time being, then you still have to spend the money on the edge, and you don’t have to be so extravagant on the wedding. Let’s work hard together, and we will definitely be able to buy your favorite jewelry more easily in the future!


Brand New Vs Antique Second Hand Vs Loose Stone Custom


Brand new products include both niche brands and big brands, but no matter which one, there must be a brand premium. The view on premium will be discussed separately in the q&a later. If you’re shopping for a more complicated ring and have the budget, go straight for the big names. International big names still have their place in design and craftsmanship. Plus after-sales and the like, it is relatively guaranteed. (There are really sisters around me who bought loose stone inlays by themselves, but came back from shopping and lost their diamonds)

If you want a more personalized design, you can also look at some relatively niche brands in China. Moreover, the general niche brands are often very willing to accept personalized customization, which just saves a series of links to find someone to customize it (newcomers are very busy). Niche brands with word-of-mouth are generally relatively guaranteed, but the ones that no one has ever bought, forget about it…

If you don’t care if it is brand new, the price/performance ratio of antique rings is really very high, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands, and basically 99% of them can avoid collisions. The design and craftsmanship of high-end antique rings are very good, which is why few people imitate them now. The labor cost is too high, and it is not profitable to make them. However, the styles of antique jewelry need to be carefully considered. Some styles are too retro and difficult to match. Therefore, antique jewelry from art deco and the Belle Époque are the most popular among young people, and they are relatively less “grandmother”.

Check out this stunning emerald belle epoque period ring (bought by a friend of mine). Even though only the middle diamond is relatively large, the cutting, polishing and setting of these gemstones is very time consuming. If you want to copy one now, who will do it without paying a sky-high labor fee?

Also pay attention to the quality. When a broken diamond is dropped, the surface of the main stone is a little hairy, and the main stone is a little cracked… This is very normal. When choosing, pay more attention to the appearance, and must have a certain degree of tolerance.

Another problem is that if girls buy antique rings, they will need to pay more attention when matching men’s rings. To add, a little bit newer than antiques, but not new, medieval jewelry is also an option. Now the more popular middle-aged high-end jewelry such as Bulgari and Buccellati, the price is still high, but the craftsmanship is really good, and the budget (6 digits) can also be considered.

Bulgari in the 1970s, a 2.3-carat emerald from Colombia, $18,000. Just looking at the price is expensive, but look at the origin and carat size, and then compare the real-time price of the counter.

The advantage of bare stone customization is that it is cost-effective and has a great degree of freedom. If you upgrade in the future, you can dig out the gems you bought before, polish them, and you can make other styles without wasting anything.

The disadvantage is that it is cumbersome to implement and prone to various bugs. I have talked about this in detail in the Caibao article. You and your jeweler must have a strong ability. If you’re going to design a ring yourself, be sure to look more in person and take a rough look at jewelry design yourself (even online).

The broken diamonds are larger and smaller, and the price is not too bad. Instead, if you choose a lot of special small ones, the labor cost will be expensive. So don’t choose a big one just because of the size of the broken diamond, you must choose the size of the main stone according to the overall design.

The undulating drills on the outer ring and the slightly larger drills on the inner ring are not on the same plane, which means that the two rings of drills are actually distributed in three layers. In addition to the diamonds on the V-shaped shank and the center stone on the topmost layer, the rich visual level of this ring is achieved by the arrangement of 5 different steps in this way.

Because diamonds are very shiny, if you don’t peel them off and analyze them, many people may only see bling bling, but it is difficult to notice the cause of bling bling. Pure appreciation of nature is no problem, but if you want to make one, you must clarify the design structure.

In addition, it is difficult to provide after-sales guarantee for customized bare stones. If the main stone falls off after wearing it for a while, if you say it is a problem with the craftsmanship, but he says it is a problem with the wearing, it will inevitably fall into endless wrangling. However, many cities have relatively well-known old gold shops. The craftsmanship of such gold shops is still relatively reliable. You can dig it yourself~

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